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Cocktail, Gin & Wine Menu

Signature Cocktails


Pornstar Martini        11.00

vodka, passionfruit, lime, sugar & prosecco


Frozen Daiquiri             10.50

rum, lime, fruit puree - choose from: strawberry, mango, passionfruit or raspberry


Espresso Martini          11.00

vodka, coffee liqueur, espresso

Baileys & White Chocolate Martini      9.50

baileys, vodka, white chocolate syrup, cream


Long Island Iced Tea       11.00

vodka, gin, rum, cointreau, tequila, lemon, coke

Cosmopolitan                   9.50

vodka, cointreau, cranberry juice, lime

Sex on the Beach            10.00

vodka, peach schnapps, orange juice, pineapple juice, grenadine

Pina Colada                      9.50

malibu, coconut puree, milk, cream, pineapple juice, coconut shavings

Bloody Mary                    9.50

vodka, tomato juice, Worcestershire sauce, tobasco sauce, fresh lemon, celery stick

Classic Cocktails


Kopparberg Mojito        10.00

Kopparberg strawberry & lime gin, mint, lime, sugar, soda

The Hugo                       10.00

prosecco, elderflower liqueur, soda, mint leaves

Strawberry Collins          10.00

strawberry gin, soda, lemon, sweet & sour

Solero                               9.50
spiced rum, disaronno, passionfruit puree, lime, ginger ale

Sweet Vanilla Sunrise    11.00
vodka, peach schnapps, elderflower, orange juice, cinnamon rim

Junebug                           10.00
malibu, banana liqueur, midouri, fresh lemon, pineapple juice

Aperol Spritz                    10.00
aperol, soda water, orange, prosecco

Market Sours

Whiskey Sour                  9.50
whiskey, fresh lemon, sugar, egg white


Midouri Sour                  9.50
midouri, fresh lemon, sugar, egg white


Disaronno Sour             9.50
disaronno, fresh lemon, sugar, egg white

Gin Menu

Hendricks               6.50                                                                              Gunpowder Irish                          7.50

served with cucumber slices & cracked black pepper(optional)        served with grapefruit & blueberries


Bombay Sapphire  5.50                                                                             Brockmans                                     6.50

served with lemon  lime wedges                                                             served with orange peel & blueberries


Tanqueray               6.50                                                                              Koppaberg Strawberry & Lime   6.50

served with a lime wedges                                                                        served with strawberry slices


Gordons Pink           5.50                                                                             Dingle                                              6.50

served with berries                                                                                     served with orange slices


Choose you Mixer:    Elderflower, Soda Water, Tonic Water, Ginger Ale, Slim Line Tonic  3.00


White Wine


Pinot Grigio - Sensi Calappiano (Tuscany, Italy)                                        28.00
This wine is a straw yellow colour with a complex nose. Good fruity scents of pear, apple & banana

Sauvignon Blanc – Vina San Esteban ( Valle Central , Chile)                   24.50
Fresh citrus aromas with an exquisite balance of bright acidity and delicate body

Sauvignon Blanc – Muddy Boots (South East Australia)                         26.00

Crisp, Fresh & aromatic with distinctive notes of gooseberry, green pepper & lemon

Chardonnay - Vina San Esteban (Aconcagua Valley, Chile)                     24.50
Bright gold in colour, this wine has fresh citric aromas. Meduim bodied with a long & pleasant

Sancerre - Villebois (Loire Valley, France)                                                   39.00
Pale green-yellow colour. Intense vegetal & citrus aromas on the nose. The classic intense
gooseberry flavours are complimented by a long lasting finish

Red Wine

Cabernet Sauvignon - Vina San Esteban (Aconcagua Valley, Chile)        24.50

Bright with deep red highlights. Dark cherry & smoke aromas. Dense with soft tannins
& well structured body

Merlot - Sensi Collezione (Tuscany, Italy)                                                    28.00
A full bodied wine with excellent weight of warm black cherry & plum fruit; well rounded
with light oak aging

Malbec – Chateau Guillame Blanc (Gironde, France)                                30.00
Dark wine with intense notes of ripe red fruit, well balanced & surrounded by silky tannins

Tempranillo - Finca Amalia (Rioja, Spain)                                                    28.00
Deep cherry red with garnet hues. Intense aroma of ripe fruit, peach & plum compotes with
spicy notes

Côtes du Rhône – Clos des Miran (Rhone Valley, France)                         35.00
Lively wine with fresh black fruit flavours, some spice & just the right amount of tannin.
A deep intense black cherry colour with aromas of violets. Spice & pepper overtones

Wine by the Glass

White Wines                                                                                   Red Wines

Sauvignon Blanc (Chile)           7.50                                             Cabernet Sauvignon (Chile)          7.50

Pinot Grigio (Italy)                     7.50                                             Merlot (Chile)                                  7.50

Chardonnay (Chile)                   7.50                                             Malbec (France)                              7.50


Glass Frizzante                           7.50

Belvini, 75cl - (Veneto, Italy)     30.00






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